Tirupati suprabatha seva is consider as one of the important sevas in the temple. The word suprabatha is also known as “GOOD MORNING” in Sanskrit. It is also considered as the first seva to god in Tirumala. The rituals are followed by chanting slokhas for awakening the lord venkateswara. There are several slokhas chanted during suprabatha seva such as stotram, prappthi, mangalasasanam. Especially in Dhanurmasam (Marghali in tamil) suprabatha is not chanted. Instead “THIRUPAAVAI” will be chanted. So these are the speciality to highlight the importance of suprabatha seva.


STEP 1: VISIT and login your credential details.
STEP 2: CLICK on the ” seva electric dip” which will be displayed on the home screen.
STEP 3: Read the instruction page carefully which is displayed. Click on the box with “I have read the instruction and agreement”.
STEP 4: Enter the details of the devotees in the columns. 2 tickets can be booked at a time. Please enter the details of the Aadhar card for the verification. It is must to carry the original Id card for the further checks in the verification gate. For NRI’s please enter your name and passport details on Id columns.
STEP 5: There are 2 options given in the website. They are “Any seva and any date” and “Select seva/date”. So if devotees is willing for any seva in any dates the tickets will be auto filled. If they want seva in a special date, seva and date has to be mentioned.
STEP 6: In next page list of sevas and date are available. So devotees can book their requirement. Click “submit” button.
STEP 7: A submission Id will be displayed. please note it for further reference.
STEP 8: A lucky dip selection date will be displayed in the website. please check with the given phone number or E-mail Id.
STEP 9: Devotees can check their lucky dip selection with following criteria such as Form ID, Aadhar card, Passport, Mobile number.
STEP10: Once you are selected you are allowed to make payment in the website within 3 days.

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