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Coimbatore to Tirupati tour Package

It seems like SRI KAPILESWARA TRAVELS is offering a comprehensive Tirupati package from Coimbatore by sleeper bus services, including various amenities and services. Here’s a breakdown of the package details:

Coimbatore to Tirupati Package Inclusions:

  1. Rs 300 Balaji Darshan Passes: Special darshan passes for Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Temple in Tirumala.
  2. Accommodation:
    • Fresh-ups in Tirupati (PLR Cottages): Offers a chance for travelers to freshen up during the journey.
  3. Meals:
    • 1 Breakfast
    • 1 Lunch
  4. Transportation:
    • AC Sleeper Bus: Comfortable transportation from Coimbatore to Tirupati and back.

Tirupati Bus Package from Coimbatore

AC Sleeper (Lower) – Rs 5100/- per Person

AC Sleeper (Upper) – Rs 5000/- per Person

Coimbatore to Tirupati Tour Plan

Your Coimbatore to Tirupati tour plan looks well-organized and covers the key aspects of the pilgrimage. Here’s a summary of your itinerary:

  • Journey Start: 8 PM from Coimbatore Gandhipuram
  • Boarding Points: Coimbatore Junction point, Avinashi, Tiruppur, Erode
  • Early Morning: Arrival in Tirupati
  • Freshening Up: Freshen up and arrange for morning breakfast
  • Transport to Tirumala: Travel on APSRTC Local transport from Tirupati to Tirumala
  • Tonsure: Arrange for tonsure (head shaving) if desired
  • Balaji Darshan and Shopping: Visit Lord Balaji temple for Rs.300 darshan and do shopping in the temple area
  • Lunch: Lunch at Tirupati
  • Kalahasti Darshan: Visit Sri Kalahasti Temple
  • Thiruchanoor Padmavathi Temple Darshan: Visit Padmavathi temple in Thiruchanoor
  • Departure to Coimbatore: Leave Tirupati
  • En route Dinner: Dinner in Tirupati
  • Early Morning: Drop at Coimbatore junction
  • End Trip: Blessing of Lord Balaji temple
  • The itinerary is well-structured, covering important places of worship and allowing for a comfortable and spiritual experience.
  • The inclusion of tonsure and Rs.300 Balaji darshan indicates a comprehensive visit to the Tirumala temple.
  • En route dinner adds convenience for travelers.
  • Ensure that all participants are aware of the schedule and any specific requirements for the pilgrimage.
  • Confirm details such as accommodation arrangements, transportation details, and any necessary darshan passes with the tour operator.

It seems like a thoughtful plan for a pilgrimage to Tirupati, offering a balance of spiritual experiences and travel comfort.

Coimbatore to Tirupati Package – Boarding Point

  • Gandhipuram (Front of Tamilnadu Hotels)
  • Lakshmi Mills
  • Peelamedu Bus Stop
  • PSG College
  • Hopes College After Railway Bridge
  • Chitra Airport Stop
  • Avinashi In Front Of Kannan departmental Store
  • Karumathampatti Bridge Start place Toll Gate
  • Tiruppur Surya Bakery
  • Erode Bypass, 
  • Salem┬áBypass On the way
  • Interested individuals can inquire about and book the package directly through SRI KAPILESWARA TRAVELS.
  • Before finalizing the booking, it’s recommended to confirm the exact details of the itinerary, accommodation, transportation, and any additional information relevant to the tour. Additionally, check for any terms and conditions associated with the package.

Coimbatore to Tirupati Package – FAQ

How many buses are going Coimbatore to Tirupati darshan package on the daily basis?

It’s helpful to know that Sri Kapileswara Travels arranges a Coimbatore to Tirupati package tour with 300 Balaji darshan, and they operate one AC Sleeper bus for this trip. If you are interested in this particular tour package, you can contact Sri Kapileswara Travels directly to inquire about the schedule, availability, and any other details related to the Coimbatore to Tirupati darshan package. Keep in mind that the information might be subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to confirm the details directly with the travel operator.

How to go to Tirupati from Coimbatore?

If you’re planning a trip from Coimbatore to Tirupati and considering both bus and train options, here’s a general guide:

**1. By Bus:

  • Many private and government-operated buses connect Coimbatore to Tirupati.
  • Private travel agencies and state-owned transport corporations run regular services.
  • You can check with local bus operators or online booking platforms for schedules and availability.
  • Some tour packages, as you mentioned earlier, include Balaji darshan. Ensure to confirm darshan availability when booking these packages.

2. By Train:

  • IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) offers various train services from Coimbatore to Tirupati.
  • You can check the IRCTC website or other railway booking platforms for train schedules and availability.
  • Tirupati has its own railway station (station code: TPTY), and there are multiple trains connecting Coimbatore to Tirupati.

Which is the best tour package from Coimbatore to Tirupati?

It’s great that you’ve found a tour package that suits your preferences. SRI KAPILESWARA TRAVELS seems to be a reliable tour operator for Tirupati packages from Coimbatore, especially if you prefer the convenience of a sleeper bus tour and efficient arrangements for Balaji darshan.

Who are operating best Tirupati tour operator from Coimbatore by Bus?

It’s great to know that SRI KAPILESWARA TRAVELS is considered one of the leading Tirupati tour operators from Coimbatore, providing services to visit the renowned Tirumala Balaji temple. Here are some key points to keep in mind while planning your Coimbatore to Tirupati tour:

Contact Information: You’ve provided the mobile number +91 9342436844 for SRI KAPILESWARA TRAVELS. This seems to be a direct contact number, making it convenient for travelers to inquire about tour packages and details.
Services Offered: Verify the range of services offered by the tour operator, including transportation options, accommodation details, darshan arrangements, and any additional sightseeing options.
Balaji Darshan: Confirm the process for Balaji darshan included in the tour package. Understand if the operator provides special arrangements or guidance for a smoother experience at the temple.
Itinerary: Check the tour itinerary to ensure it covers the key places you want to visit in Tirupati. This may include the main temple, nearby attractions, and any other points of interest.
Customer Reviews: If available, look for customer reviews or testimonials to gauge the satisfaction of previous travelers with the services provided by SRI KAPILESWARA TRAVELS.
Communication: Reach out to the tour operator for any additional information you may need, and clarify any doubts or questions you have about the package.
Booking Process: Understand the booking process, payment methods, and any terms and conditions associated with the tour package.
Alternative Options: While SRI KAPILESWARA TRAVELS may be a good option, it’s always advisable to explore a few other reputed tour operators in Coimbatore offering similar services to ensure you make an informed decision.
Remember to plan your trip well in advance, especially if you have specific dates in mind or if you’re traveling during peak seasons. Enjoy your spiritual journey to Tirupati!

Peaceful Tirupati Balaji Darshan

Rated 5 out of 5
August 27, 2022

Regarding Coimbatore to Tirupati Bus Package, Great experience with the travels and definitely deserve 5 stars. The bus picked us on time and took us to very decent restaurants for breakfast and lunch, the token for the darshan and for hair offerings were arranged for us already before so we had a peaceful Balaji darshan.


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