The S V Museum on Temple Art in Tirupati, established by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams in 1983, is a comprehensive endeavor to showcase the rich traditions of Hindu art and architecture. Here are the key features and insights into this unique museum:


  • The museum is situated in the north Mada street of Govindaraja Swamy temple in Tirupati.
  • It was formerly Kacheri Nammalwar temple, a Ramanujakutam, transformed into the Museum of Temple Art in Tirupati.

Divisions of the Museum:

  • Section A – Temple Architecture:
    • Explores the intricate details of temple architecture, covering the entire process from selecting a site to constructing a temple.
    • Showcases miniature models depicting Nagara, Vesara, and Dravida styles, along with various designs of pillars, prakaras, and steps.
    • Econometry, the science of measurements for icons and temple structures, provides insights into the technical aspects.
  • Stone Gallery:
    • Features over 80 stone sculptures dating from the 8th to the 19th century, illustrating the history of Vaishnavism in the region.
  • Musical Instruments Gallery:
    • Displays a diverse collection of musical instruments from bygone ages.
  • Alaya Vastu and Stapati:
    • Explores the planning and execution of Hindu temples, delving into the role of Stapati, the supervisor, and assistants like Takshaka and Vardhaki.
    • Showcases the ornaments that adorn icons in temples.
  • Section B – Diverse Exhibits:
    • Showcases Srivari Vahanams, wood carvings, Divyakshetras, Mudras of Bharatanatya, traditional dance forms, Kalamkari, and more.
    • Rituals section highlights the significance of Samskaras and provides a comparison of Tirumala temple with Vedic altars.
    • Features an interesting collection of vessels used in Agama rituals.

Location and Accessibility:

  • The museum is located near the Govindarajaswamy temple and is close to Tirupati Railway Station.

Library and Meditation Halls:

  • The museum houses a library with books on various topics such as history, temple art, rituals, inscriptions, Hinduism, and Vedic literature.
  • Meditation halls on the roof offer a serene atmosphere for pilgrims to experience bliss in the lap of the lord.

Guided Tours and Assistance:

  • Guide lecturers and gallery attendants are available to guide visitors through the galleries, providing insights into the exhibits.

Visiting Details:

  • The museum is open EVERY DAY from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Entry is free, and it operates seven days a week.

The S V Museum on Temple Art in Tirupati serves as a comprehensive repository of Hindu art and architecture, providing visitors with a deep understanding of the traditions associated with temple construction, rituals, and cultural expressions.

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