Mahabalipuram Trip from Chennai by Car

Chennai to Mahabalipuram Tour Package

Mahabalipuram is a famous tourist spot that is located in Kanchipuram. The Mahabalipuram was developed during 7th century by Pallava kings. The beach is proudly named after the pallava king “MAMALLAN”. We can see many lion statues that are the symbols of pallava kings. There are many places for visiting in Mahabalipuram beach. We can find many lion statue that are sculptured with different heads. Those lions express the foreign trade that are done by pallava people. There are four different lions that we can see

They are:

  1. Human faced lion.
  2. Parrot faced lion.
  3. Buddhist resembles of lion.
  4. Yazh lion.

Human faced lion – Human faced lion resembles the foreign trade from Roman.

Parrot faced lion – Parrot faced lion resembles the trade with Greek.

Buddhist resemblance lion – Buddhist resemblance lion express about the trade with china.

Stone caves are made out of pallava kingdom building style. The front pillars of caves repilcate the them by showing that lions carrying the pillars of cave.

Arjuna thapasu is a huge singe rock were you can see several scuptures are built in it. The arjuna thabasu is almost 30 meter lenght and 90 meter width. A entire rock is completely turned into several sculptures. Many animals are depicted in it like elephant, horse, cats and rats, birds etc. In arjuna thapasu you can see a muni who is meditating for long years only by breating air. So his body is shaped lean by exposing his skeletons. You can see a snake that erupts from water which is known as snake of lord vishnu erupts from river ganga.

Ganesha ratham is built near the arjuna thapasu. This ratham is excelled by its building structure. The top of the tempe is built in Buddist style. The middle of the temple is build in greek style. The pillars are built in Roman style. The top speciality is that it is built fron top to bottom.

Varaha cave is located next to the ganesha ratham. This cave depicts the Varaha avataram of lord vishnu and other side depicts the ‘VAMANA” avataram.

Raya gopuram is the only building that is left incomplete with unknown reason. Archaeologist believe that this building might be constructed during krishnadeva rayar period.

Mahabalipuram is famous for its “KRISHNA’S BUTTER BALL”. It is considered as a miracle in mahabalipuram. A ball shaped rock is standing in steep rock by balancing in it without falling. During british period officers tried to evacuate it from the steep using elephants. But unfortunately they could’nt do it. This shows the speciality of the butter rock.

Thirumoorthi mandapam is also a temple which has lord Bramha and lord Shiva.

Mahishasura marthini mandapam has a eshwaran temple in it. It is near the Lighthouse.

Light house is built in the british period. Tourist are allowed to to watch from lighthouse. Rs 10 is collected as a charge from tourist.

Pancha paandava ratham is a ratham which is constructed in a single big stone. There are 5 temples which are constructed from a single stone. They are:
1)Draupathi Ratham.
2)Arjuna ratham.
3)Bheema ratham.
4)Dharma ratham.
5)Nakula sakadevan ratham.

Seashore temple is located at the last point of the Mahabalipuram. There are 2 temple which is located in seashore. Lord shiva and lord parvathi are two main gods present here. Tourist can also see many lion statue in the shore. There is a well like structure which is built near temple. The speciality is that when sea water rises the water in the well also rises. When the sea level gets reduced the water level also gets reduced. Along the temple people will have a beautiful visit of Mahabalipuram beach

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